CO2: een goedkope manier om je vis koud te houden!

Gepubliceerd op 22 november 2016

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"In small industrial plants (capable of making up to three tonnes of ice) it is cheaper to use CO2. (It is) the best refrigerant to use in the face of (the EU's) F-Gas Regulation." Simon Slob, manager at Dutch ice plant installer Vink, told on the occasion of the UN-backed World Fisheries Day.

HFCs have typically been used in small European ice plants, until the F-Gas Regulation pushed manufacturers and buyers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to reduce the average GWP of refrigerants from 2,000 to 400 by 2030.

“CO2 is typically used in the market for smaller applications that make around three tonnes of ice for the meat or the fish industry, as a way to combat this legislation,” Slob explained.

Ammonia has been used for larger applications for a long time, producing 10 to 15 tonnes of ice. But using it for smaller applications often means using an indirect system, which can increase costs.

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