Simon Slob in Worldfishing & aquaculture over de voor- en nadelen van het gebruik van CO2

Gepubliceerd op 22 november 2016


Wordfishing & Aquaculture:

Dutch company Vink is no stranger to refrigeration for the food business, but is a newcomer to fishing and brings some new thinking to producing ice at sea.

The icemaker the company showcased recently, designed for use on fishing vessels as well as in landbased installations, uses CO2 as its refrigerant and combines a Geneglace icemaker, a Boch compressor and an Alfa Laval condensor.

According to Simon Slob, CO2 has its advantages - as well as presenting some challenges.

"There are environmental advantages. EU regulations state that we will have to stop using chemical refrigerants that have the potential to contribute to global warming. So we need to reduce te reliance on chemical refrigerants and while natural refrigerants are best, they also come with drawbacks," he said.

He said as well...........

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